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Just Curious

Not in the best shape of my life. I could eat Healthier & Exercise. I  want to see where I can improve my Health.

Save My Sanity 

My Regular Medical advisors can't find what may be wrong with my body. I need Help Now! 

Health Conscious

My friends call me a health nut. I Believe in Holistic  Health Modalities. I am interested in early detection and prevention of health issues. 


Mikki M

 Water Lady

So... yesterday, I had this incredibly AMAZING bio-scan done,What a totally comprehensive report! WOW! You will be UTTERLY AMAZED. Their knowledge and expertise are outstanding!

Michael S

Satisfied Member 

My Dr told me I had to have Three Surgeries on my prostate. I did not want to be cut three times. After the CHAO Scan and Frequency Optimization, I only had One and Healed Faster than my Dr. Thought Possible.

Rebekah H

Grateful Mother 

After losing my only Son suddenly, the CHAO Total Body Scan, gave me a small peace of mind as I faced death and grief. The InnerVoice Scan gave me healing tones and songs to help balance my emotions when I feel so low.  


Below is a partial list of some of the most common conditions that our holistic scans address.

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